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Internet Marketing

It's one thing to have fast Australian web hosting; however, online success does not start and finish with just web hosting! It's imperative that you also consider both the design of your website, as well as your websites internet marketing and accessibility. There is no point having an amazing site design if your target market are unable to find your website using search engines. Effective Google AdWords Marketing puts your website in front of the people who want to find out more about your businesses specific services. By reaching this specific internet market, you are able to start achieiving online marketing results, i.e. enquiries and sales from your website! Google AdWords Internet Marketing allows businesses to achieve highly prominent online exposure in search engines in a matter of days. Google AdWords does cost per click to bring a qualified visitor to your website; however, the small cost per click is worthwhile with effective adwords ppc management, because traffic will convert into sales and enquiries. Organic search engine optimisation is also something you may wish to consider long term, and this online marketing technique can work very well with Google AdWords & pay per click Internet Marketing.

Here are a few important internet marketing points to remember:

1. Having a fast loading and effectively designed website is vital; however, this is a complete waste of time if you have no website traffic. Search engines are used by millions of Australians ever day, to find answers, and make purchase decisions. Being found prominently in search results is a crucial part of any successful internet marketing strategy. Google controls over 9 in 10 online searches in Australia, unless you have a lot of free time, don't waste it on other search engines, at least at this point in time.

2. Having traffic online come to your website, in itself, is useless. It is a metric that is certainly useful to track, but once again, your internet marketing strategies should be focussed on conversions, such as enquiries and sales resulting from your businesses online presense. It is therefore extremely important to have a detailed understanding of how people are iteracting with your website, once they come there. Emphasis should particularly be placed on keyword searches that bring people through to your website, and then for these specific keywords: which keywords keep people on your website for the longest period of time, which keywords have the lowest bounce rates, which keywords have the higest conversion rates (enquiries and sales) and so forth. If you are not able to track these then you will be pouring marketing money down the drain on online marketing for keywords that are not producing results, and probably missing out on other areas that deliver high ROI for your business.

3. How valueable is your time, and how much internet marketing experience do you have? Often, your business will see a better overall result, and achieve a more cost effective solution by engaging a professional Google AdWords Company. Read more about PPC management and some of the things to look out for...


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